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For larger quantity orders of around 300 units contact a store for a competitive quote.

We understand that we might not have the perfect shape and size for everybody's requirements so we have included a section for creating your own custom size box. The major benefits using this method are a very quick turn around time and very low minimum order quantities to traditional methods.

If you require quantities in excess of 300 units its probably best to call one of the stores as the service we use to custom make smaller quantity boxes is untraditional and has higher production costs due to a couple of factors. One of the most obvious factors it the fact that we use "one size fits all" sheets of board and all extra board waste gets passed on to the customer. We also do a lot of work by hand that requires more labour than the automated machinery used for larger quantities. 

To save on custom design costs its best to search the store to see if we do not already have a size that may work for you.

NB: We make boxes according to the inside dimensions and may have up to a 20 mm tolerance. While Generally this method of custom boxes takes less than 5 working days to manufacture we can not guarantee it due to any unforeseen circumstances that may arise.

Due to the fact that custom boxes are made specifically to customers  individual requirements, We will not take any responsibility for any wrongly ordered boxes nor will we refund/credit any money after orders have been manufactured.

Please make sure you understand and fill in the length, width and height measurements correctly as this will effect the outcome of the completed box if entered incorrectly 

Because of the way our website works any orders checked out without dimensions inserted into the template input fields will be credited after the money clears. The website adjusts prices according to the dimensions inserted and we will not manufacture any boxes to any dimensions filled out in the comments area or given to us in any other way other than inserted into the template input fields.


To find out more contact one of the stores in the stores tab or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.