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The descriptions are used to describe what style box they are categorized in. 

Shipping Box: This is a standard box and a persons normal idea of what a box is. It has a four flaps to make up the base and four flaps to make up the lid. It requires tape to seal the box closed and is the most common form of box used for moving or shipping. It can come in two different strengths know to the box industry as ac/rsc (single wall board) or dwb/rsc (double wall board).

H lock Base: This is a type box that has a four flap base that interlocks into each other to form the base of the box. There will always be at least one edge that joins to the rest of the box either glued or stitched. These boxes are great if you require a box with high sides. They can be made strong with double wall board and can be done with a separate lid or a flap lid. A common example of this type of box is an office document box.

Self Erect Base: This is a type of box that does not require any joining edges and is formed with only the cardboard its made from. This is a great box for smaller items that don't require very high sides, it can be done but requires a lot more cardboard than other style boxes.

Tuck In Lid: This is any box that has a lid that tucks into itself and can be either h lock or self erect.

Lock Lip Lid: This is any self erect box that has a lid that closes with a flap and tabs that insert into itself. This box is great for staying closed even without tape.

Tuck In Both Ends: This is any box that has a flap lid that tucks in at both ends. 

Base & Lid: This is any h lock or self erect box that has a separate lid from the base. These are great looking boxes for gifts but have a higher production cost due to the extra processes involved.

Bin Box: This is an open top box similar to a tray but the front of the box is lower that the back of the box. This is a commonly used box in store rooms for the organization of inventory typically can be seen in automotive store.

Pizza Box: This is a half self erect box with one side of the base and one side of the lid being self erect. This is a commonly used style for pizza's and items that are not very high.

Other: This category will be used for any die cut products that are not a box or don't follow the explanations of the category's listed above. Fox example: cardboard corner protectors.