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The difference between the BOX KITS and VARIETY KITS are what the kits are included with. 

The BOX KITS have only an assortment of boxes in the kit. These kits are good if you do not wish to include any items you possibly already have at home. These kits have more bang for buck in terms of the delivery cost as they do not include any bulky items such as bubble wrap making it possible to add more boxes to the kits instead.

The VARIETY KITS are hassle free and in our expertise include a variety of items well suited for each other and include well suited box sizes for house hold relocating. These kits have all the items needed for relocating apart from a tape gun that should be added separately to the cart to make life easy. We did not add this item to the kits as a standard because we have noticed from our walk in stores that many customers have them already.