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Custom SE 5 Lock Lip

Maximum 1800mm X 350mm X 150mm

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All Prices Include Vat.
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Minimum Order Quantity: 10 (For large quantities or ongoing orders call one of the stores for a quote. Die costs may apply)
Self Erect Base with Lock Lip.

You can choose any box sizes you want so long as it does not exceed the template maximum limits and we will make it for you. If you find that any of your requested sizes are not permitted by maximum limits try using a different template.

Maximum template dimensions are given as length, width and height. This would also mean that you would not be able to make a box with any of the required sides longer than that of the allowed dimensions stated for the template maximum. The templates have been made to best fit our standard cardboard sheet sizes. It may not be possible to do some larger sizes due to limitations with machinery or the cardboard sheets that we utilize to make the custom boxes. We may still be able to make these sizes using alternate methods though, Contact one of the stores to inquire.

The indicated price is cost per each unit. We have minimum checkout amounts set in order to make  custom production viable for the setting up costs.

NB: We make boxes according to the inside dimensions and may have up to a 20 mm tolerance. While Generally this method of custom boxes takes less than 4 working days to manufacture we can not guarantee it due to any unforeseen circumstances that may arise.

Due to the fact that custom boxes are made specifically to customers  individual requirements, We will not take any responsibility for any wrongly ordered boxes nor will we refund/credit any money after orders have been manufactured.

Please make sure you understand and fill in the length, width and height measurements correctly as this will effect the outcome of the completed box if entered incorrectly 

Because of the way our website works any orders checked out without dimensions inserted into the template input fields will be credited after the money clears. The website adjusts prices according to the dimensions inserted and we will not manufacture any boxes to any dimensions filled out in the comments area or given to us in any other way other than inserted into the template input fields.