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How To Use The Smart Search

The search area above consists of two different ways of searching the website. Above there are five input fields in total and they should not all be used together at the same time. 

1) GENERAL SEARCH (used for general searching of products)
The first input field "Search Keyword" is used for general searching and should be used on its own without text in any other input fields. For example : "Tape", "Marker" or "Strapping". Then click the green "Search" tab below to return all possible search results.

2) SMART SEARCH (used to find the closest sized box we have available for your requirements)
The last four input fields must be used together for our smart search. This will return results for all the boxes we have available closest to the required sizes . This consists of a "length", "Width", "Height" and "Range" input. To use this feature simply place your required length, width and height in the input fields and proceed to the next step

The last required input field is the "Range" input. This will return search results within the customers accepted percentage. For example if the required length is 200mm and the required width is 100mm and the required height is 50mm and the value 10 is used in the "Range" field, After clicking the green "Search" tab below the website will return any boxes we have with the size between. "Length" 190mm-210mm and "Width" 95mm-105mm and "Height" 47.5mm-52.5mm".

Alternatively we find it best to just have the Value 20 in the range tab. This will return any boxes we may have within 20% of the required "Length", "Width" and "Height" size.