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Bin Box: 300mm x 100mm x 110mm

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*These boxes are classed as custom order boxes and T&C's apply!
For prices on quantities over 1000 units contact a store for a quote

Minimum Order Quantity Is Set To: 10 Boxes
*Price Break manufacturing times (excludes delivery time)
QTY 10-249........(approx 1-2 working days)
QTY 250-499......(approx 1-4 working days)
QTY 500-999......(approx 1-6 working days)
QTY 1000+.........(approx 1-8 working days)

Dimensions : 300mm x 100mm x 110mm
Volumetric Capacity : 3.3 litres


Dimensions : 695mm x 330mm x 3mm
Approx Weight : 70 grams

General Purpose Bin Box.

*The walk in stores do not carry stock of the die cut boxes. Due to the wide range and bulkiness of the die cut range it is not viable to carry stock. We also can't guarantee to have all samples in store to view. It would be best to browse the online store for any required sizes and either place an order online or contact one of the stores to order in any die cut boxes you may require for collection.

*Manufacturing time. Generally we would only need a very small manufacturing time of around 1-3 working days depending on the quantity selection. We however cannot guarantee this due to any unforeseen circumstances that may arise.

*These boxes are made to order. As previously stated, due to the wide range of die cut boxes it would not be viable for our company to keep them all in stock. Our company therefore instead only stocks the flattened cardboard sheets that in-turn can be used in the manufacture of all style die cut boxes. For this reason we do not offer refunds or accept returns on any incorrectly ordered boxes as we cannot restore the die cut boxes back to the flattened sheet it was once before.

*We have decided to refrain from using the word "gift boxes" for die cut boxes. We have decided to rather acknowledge the die cut boxes as "functional boxes" this is not to say that one should not use them as gift boxes but rather to be able to provide our customers with a better understanding of what they can expect to receive. While "gift boxes" are generally handmade and wrapped with vinyl in assorted colours and patterns, our boxes are machine made from standard industry board and do not feature any vinyl wrapping.

*Cracking and splitting is normal. Due to the process used in the manufacturing of die cut boxes, it is perfectly normal to expect some mild cracking or splitting on the inside crease lines of the boxes. It would also be normal to expect some mild tearing on the inner layers along the cut lines of the boxes.

*White boxes. The images used for the white boxes have been converted using brown box images in order to appear white. The white colour and texture closely resembles that of a standard a4 sheet of paper. White boxes only have one side of the outer most layer white and are still brown on all other layers of the board. This means that the inside of white boxes will still appear mostly brown in colour.

*Toilet paper is used for illustration purposes only.