BT 109 B

White E Flute Lock Lip : 110x75x55

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White E Flute Box Self Erect
Minimum of 10 Boxes

*The walk in stores do not carry stock of the die cut boxes. Due to the wide range and bulkiness of the die cut range it is not viable to carry stock. We also currently do not keep any samples in the store. Its best to browse the store for the required size and either place an order online or contact one of the stores to order in any die cut boxes for collection. Generally we would only need a very small lead time of around 1-2 working days. 

Dimensions : 110mm x 75mm x 55mm
Volumetric Capacity : 0.45 litres


Dimensions : 330mm x 315mm x 2mm
Volumetric Weight : 42 grams